SA Bush and Lodge Training Academy


Are you taking a gap year?

Do you want to work outdoors but not exactly sure what you want to do?

This 1 year course is the perfect way to explore various avenues in the bush and lodge industry. You will not only learn about various aspects but will also gain experience (and log it in a log book) in various fields, helping you decide which direction you want to go into while having the time of your life.

Farms and lodges love to employ our students as they are assured that they have been well trained in  running and managing a farm or lodge. 

Our students are able to work in any of the following industries once qualified:

Farming & Agriculture

Farm Manager

Farm Supervisor

Farm worker

Farm security manager

Repairs & Maintenance

TLB / Tractor operator

Hospitality & Tourism

Lodge Manager


Hospitality manager

Tour guide

Event organizer and manager

Trip organizer and executioner


Guided hunting trips


Game vehicle driver

Butcher & biltong maker

Field Guide

Field guide

Game ranger

Game lodge manager

Trip facilitator

Adventure & Recreation

River rafting guide assistant

Rock climbing guide assistant

Camp facilitator

Game ranger